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Attorney Michael Cronkright

Allow me to introduce myself—I am Attorney Michael Cronkright. I am a life long Michigan resident, raised in a working class family in south Lansing.  I grew up in a two bedroom house with my parents and five other kids.  We were somewhat poor, but I didn’t know it.  In high school, I became a Christian, met my bride to be and found my first mentor.  After high school, I married young, raised four kids all of whom have made me proud.  Yes, I am still married to my high school sweetheart, a very accomplished life companion.

As an attorney, I am licensed to practice law in Michigan and Florida.  I am admitted  to practice in the United States Supreme Court, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Eastern and Western District Federal Courts in Michigan.  I have been admitted  pro hac vice (for the case) in federal courts around the country.

Most of my practice is in Michigan.  I am passionate about defending the rights of Michigan citizens, especially those falsely accused.  No matter what “they” say, everyone accused under our system of law deserves a good defense attorney who will fight for them. I make it my goal and do that with tenacity, leaving no stone unturned to assist my clients.  At the same time, I believe in being civilized and professional.

In 2016, I left my former firm (where I was a founding partner) and founded Cronkright Law. I did this, in part, so that I could focus my practice on the areas of law that matter most to me.  Now, I am able  to focus my career on things that I am personally passionate about; helping the falsely accused, getting defendants a “fair shake” in the system, defending parents when the government is trying to break up their families, and making sure the legal system works for all of us.  These are things I care about.

If I can be of assistance to you, I would be pleased to take your call or email.  I can be reached by calling (517) 881-4643 anytime.  My email address is  I’ll wait to hear from you.

Cronkright Law: Criminal Defense for Michigan Clients

Michael Cronkright is the founder of Cronkright Law in Lansing, Michigan and leads a statewide practice dedicated to helping the accused.  He is a tenacious litigator who believes in “no stone unturned” when it comes to defending your rights.  Cronkright Law provides excellent defense in the areas of:

  • Criminal Law
  • CPS Petitions
  • Medical Neglect Allegations
  • Child Abuse Allegations

Attorney Cronkright earned his Juris Doctor (cum laude) from Thomas M. Cooley Law School in 1995.  He is also a graduate of Spring Arbor College (now Spring Arbor University). For more than two decades, he has built a reputation as a dedicated and accomplished attorney; helping defendants and their support groups navigate the court system to get the best possible outcome.

Attorney Cronkright founded his first law firm right out of law school in 1995: Michael J. Cronkright, P.C. In 1998, he and Charles Kronzek co-founded Kronzek & Cronkright, PLLC where Attorney Cronkright led the criminal defense and CPS side of the firm and Mr. Kronzek led the family law side of the firm, including child custody and divorce.  Over the years, defending parents became an increasing focus for Mr. Cronkright and he supervised and trained other attorneys in the defense of parental rights.

Now the founder of Cronkright Law, Attorney Cronkright furthers the mission to assist embattled individuals, families and professionals who need their rights and reputations protected in our justice system. Mr. Cronkright is proud of his many courtroom victories,  acquittals, dismissals and other favorable outcomes. To inquire about representation or request a free consultation, contact our team at Cronkright Law today.

Practice Areas

  • Criminal Defense
  • CPS: Children’s Protective Services Defense
  • Defense of Criminal Child Abuse Allegations
  • Professional License Defense
  • Family Law


  • Thomas M. Cooley Law School, Juris Doctor, cum laude (1995)
  • Spring Arbor College, Bachelor’s Degree

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