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Michigan CPS Defense Attorneys

Throughout Michigan, CPS investigators go into homes, interview children in private, insist that parents sign releases of information, and submit to drug testing. In response, parents usually have the same question: “What are my rights?” As Michigan CPS Defense lawyers, we spend a lot of time helping parents with the answer to this question. One of those rights is going to affect the outcome of a CPS investigation into your home more than any other; the Right to an Attorney. We recommend that you exercise that right any time you have a CPS agent, employee or investigator looking into your home or talking to your kids.

Dedicated to the Defense of Parents

Today’s world is full of pitfalls for parents. Family relationships are under assault and the government agencies tasked with protecting children are often seen as jeopardizing families instead. At Cronkright Law, we are focused on family protection. Naturally, that includes child protection because everyone wants children to be safe and free from harm. The unfortunate reality is that breaking families up and terminating parental rights generally harms children. Often the government-imposed solution is far worse than the problem in the home that was being addressed. Cronkright Law attorneys are focused on helping keep families together; helping keep children in the home and helping to get the government out of our client’s lives.

What if CPS wants me to Divorce?

Often, CPS openly pushes for a divorce. When they do, they often threaten to terminate the rights of a parent unless they agree to do so. Parents then find themselves in the position that if they want to try to save their marriage and preserve their family, they run the risk of being accused of failure to protect their children. It is important to understand that if CPS is pushing you to divorce your spouse, you need an attorney who can help you. Every situation is different and your case needs to be carefully assessed by a CPS defense attorney. Hopefully, you will be working with an attorney whose first instinct is not to break up a family. There are times when that can’t be avoided due to severe abuse, crimes committed against a child, or spousal abuse. However, if your goal is to preserve your family, you want an attorney who believes in preserving families. At Cronkright Law, you won’t have to wonder about that. We will work to accomplish your goals and not CPS goals for your family.

Talk to an Expert CPS Defense Attorney

If you need the services of an expert Michigan CPS Attorney, we can help. We offer free consultations by phone or through our contact us form on this site. We can help you evaluate your case and determine the best course of action for you and your family. Our phones are answered 24/7 and it would be an honor to help.

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Our law firm is headquartered in Lansing, Michigan. Our practice area includes all the cities and counties in Michigan’s lower peninsula, including Lansing, Grand Rapids, Detroit, Mt. Pleasant, St. Joseph, Battle Creek and Flint. If you have a CPS case in Michigan, whether in court or out of court, you owe it to yourself to speak with us.

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