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Michigan White Collar Crime Defense Attorney

Cronkright Law attorneys have been defending White Collar Crime charges in Michigan courts for many years and have extensive experience and success. White collar crimes include the criminal charges of embezzlement, racketeering (also known as continuing criminal enterprise), and various fraud crimes, such as medi-care fraud, obtaining money by false pretenses and unemployment compensation fraud. If you are being accused, investigated or prosecuted for a white collar crime in Michigan, we can help.

Defending Embezzlement, Criminal Enterprise and Fraud Cases

Defense of white collar crime charges such as embezzlement and racketeering can be a demanding task. These cases are often extremely complex and can require a trial lawyer with experience in business, accounting, auditing and investment practices. Juries need a lot of help understanding complex cases and you will need to work with an attorney who can understand your defenses and, if necessary, can communicate them to a jury.

Michigan Federal and State Criminal Defense

Michael Cronkright is licensed to practice law in Michigan and Florida. In addition, he is licensed to practice in both the Eastern and Western Federal District Courts in Michigan, The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court. Cronkright Law attorneys accept cases in all counties in Michigan and all federal courts in Michigan. If you need help with a criminal case brought by the Michigan Attorney General, The United States Attorney General or a county prosecutor, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of our free consultation.

Our Approach to Defending You – A Message from our Lead Attorney

Over the years my practice has tended to focus on difficult to defend cases. I have learned that attention to detail, hard work and extensive client involvement in the defense partnership pay off. I understand that clients want, need and deserve an attorney who will work hard to understand the details of their case. I believe in the “no stone unturned” approach to litigation. I also believe in forming an active alliance with my clients. Typically, clients understand their cases far better than anyone else, so I need to communicate and listen. From there, I add my trial skill and knowledge of the law. This type of partnership gets results, and I am always looking to get good results for clients. By working together, I have been able to help clients get many acquittals, dismissals, reduced charges, lower restitution amounts, no jail, reduced jail and probation only sentences. I only work with clients who agree to be heavily involved in their cases. If you need to talk to me, send me an email at Michael@Cronkrightlaw.com. Best wishes!

Michael Cronkright

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