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Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are facing a criminal prosecution, it may seem like a daunting challenge. Michigan federal courts are divided into two divisions, the Eastern Federal District Court and the Western Federal District Court. Federal prosecutions are handled by United States Attorneys, with most trials being handled by an Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA). The federal government has virtually unlimited resources to bring to bear against a criminal case defendant. Generally federal sentences are harsh compared to state court sentences for similar crimes. You do not want to be facing this system without adequate representation. Michael Cronkright has defended clients in federal courts in several states, but the practice of Cronkright Law is focused primarily on Michigan clients. If you need help with a federal prosecution, we encourage you to set an appointment immediately.

Michigan Federal Court Defense

As you would think, federal prosecutors are interested in violations of federal law rather than state law. Penalties are set by Congress and have been significantly affected by court rulings from the United States Supreme Court and the Sixth Circuit and Federal District Courts. It is important that you retain an attorney who is experienced in federal court practice and understands federal law. Federal Courts are in some ways similar to state courts; but in many ways, they are different. Many Michigan criminal defense attorneys avoid federal cases because they don’t understand federal practice, are not licensed to practice in federal courts, or simply find federal practice intimidating. When you retain counsel for yourself or a loved one, you should evaluate the attorney for experience and competence. Even with the best attorneys, a federal prosecution can be challenging. You will want to retain the best attorney you can find and afford. Before making a decision, you owe it to yourself to consult with Cronkright Law.

Federal Prosecution at a Glance

Typically, the federal government prosecutes between 60,000 and 80,000 people per year, along with a much smaller amount of corporate prosecutions. Drug Crimes form the largest category, but immigration charges, firearms violations, pornography and internet crimes and the various types of fraud charges round out the list. Together, these categories account for well over 80{3de9d1f812fe57b1f115ad0cecb119d102b3325733505e0c8100ce6c85ab0213} of federal prosecutions. There are criminal charges mentioned in the U.S. Constitution, but as a practical matter, the criminal code is established by Congress. Congress has enacted generally harsh sentences and there is an extensive array of mandatory minimum sentences and mandatory consecutive sentences that attorneys and defendants need to be aware of. Well over 90{3de9d1f812fe57b1f115ad0cecb119d102b3325733505e0c8100ce6c85ab0213} of federal criminal defendants resolve their cases by entering into a plea agreement. A significant portion of defendants are represented by public defenders. Cronkright Law does not handle court appointed cases, but does offer free consultations to clients attempting to hire retained counsel.

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