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Memorial Day is About Being Thankful

May 27, 2018

This Memorial Day weekend, I am thinking about all the men and women who gave of themselves so that we might have freedom. And on this day, we especially honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice: Their lives.  Words alone cannot convey our gratitude, but it is what we have to give. Thank you. There is no […]

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Child Protection for Native Americans

March 29, 2018

Michigan’s Child Protection Law Amended for Native Americans Did you know that the United States Constitution recognizes Indian Nations as sovereign governments?  Currently, the United States has 532 recognized Indian Nations. Of the 33 states where Indian Nations are found, Michigan has 12 of them. Native Americans have fought for their rights for hundreds of […]

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Parenting Choices: Letting Parents be Parents

March 19, 2018

Allowing for Different Parenting Styles An old coach I heard about seemed to have a phrase or anecdote for every situation.  And whenever he could, he’d give a bit of life advice. One phrase often used was “horses for courses.”   “Horses for courses” essentially means that different people (or animals) are suited for different things and should be treated as such. Nothing captures this idea better than parenting, which […]

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Are We Still Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

December 5, 2017

It seems like every day there is another accusation in the media about yet another public figure committing some act of misconduct. In today’s world, we rush to judgment and lives are ruined by accusations. No doubt many of those accusations are true and factual. And yet, it is the false allegations that are the […]

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