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Michigan Drug Crime Defense Attorney

Michigan is experiencing an incredible surge in drug activity, especially with drugs such as Heroin, Methamphetamine, and Cocaine. Michigan drug statutes are harsh and tend to favor incarceration over rehabilitation. With the assistance of a Michigan Defense Attorney who understands both the litigation and the rehabilitation process, a criminal defendant has the best chance of faring well in court and in life. For the best possible defense for your loved one or yourself, contact Cronkright Law for a free initial consultation.

Our Approach to Drug Crime Defense 

Successful drug crime defense attorneys know that they need to multi-task when trying to help a person being investigated, accused or prosecuted for drug related crimes. This means that rehabilitation efforts must proceed at the same time as a court defense is being prepared. We have been effectively guiding clients through the drug assessment and treatment process for decades and have access to numerous effective drug rehab programs that can help.

At the same time that we pursue rehabilitation, we prepare your defense. The vast majority of effective defenses in drug cases are built on violations of the Michigan and United States constitutions. Our attorneys are trained and experienced at identifying and litigating violations of rights. These are not loopholes in the law; they are the fundamental laws of the land and must be followed correctly by law enforcement. Every drug case needs to be carefully examined by a criminal defense lawyer with a good understanding of constitutional law.

Delivery and Manufacturing of Narcotics

Under Michigan’s drug laws, the delivery, sale or production of illegal drugs is subjected to harsh penalties and long prison terms. Even the delivery of small quantities of controlled substances can lead to 20 years in prison. And drug crime defendants with prior felony convictions can easily be facing life in prison as a possible outcome. With these types of consequences, it is vital to hire the best criminal defense lawyer possible to work with the defendant to improve the prospects and minimize the chance of a long prison sentence.

Federal Drug Prosecutions in Michigan

Our practice includes defense of cases in both the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan and the United States District Court for the Western District of Michigan. Michael Cronkright is additionally licensed to practice law in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals and in the United States Supreme Court.

A federal drug prosecution, and therefore a federal drug crime defense, is substantially different from a prosecution in a Michigan court. The skill set needed, the knowledge of legal procedure, the drug laws themselves and the Federal Sentencing issues all require the federal defense attorney to have knowledge, experience and understanding beyond what is common for state law practitioners.   If you are facing a federal prosecution, you should act quickly to secure the services of a competent criminal defense attorney who knows his / her way around federal court. As harsh as Michigan law can be, it is often far worse in federal courts.

Drugs in Homes with Children

When there is an allegation of drugs being possessed, used, manufactured or sold in the home where children reside, the accused faces some special problems. In this scenario, there will often be a co-operative investigation involving both law enforcement officials and Children’s Protective Services (CPS) investigators. Parents in this situation face something as serious or more serious than incarceration – the loss of their children. The protection of parental rights and the reunification of parent and child can be an expensive and challenging process. To read about the process of reunifying families and protecting parental rights, please review our web site dedicated to CPS defense issues. See MichiganParentDefense.com.

We can Help

A huge number of people being prosecuted for drug crimes are represented by attorneys who they have little confidence in. Some are public defenders who are too busy with their demanding caseloads to give the case and the client the time and attention called for. Some just don’t understand how to defend a drug case. A good defense begins with a good relationship between attorney and client, lots of communication and lots of hard work. We are determined to give you and your case the time, attention and expertise that you need in order get the best possible defense and the best possible outcome.  To explore what Cronkright Law can do for you, contact us for a free consultation.

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