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Removal of Children by CPS

In Michigan, Children’s Protective Services (CPS) workers often act to remove children from the home during an investigation. Removal of children from the home, or removing a parent from the home may serve the interests of CPS but puts stress and anxiety on family members. An effective CPS defense attorney can help families when CPS is trying to separate them. If you are in the midst of a CPS investigation and would like the assistance of an expert CPS defense attorney, contact us or call (517) 881-4643 for immediate assistance.

Why CPS Separates Parent and Child

When someone makes an allegation to CPS that a parent has abused a child, it is standard practice for CPS to separate the child and the parent. Many times, that means placing the child with the other parent. Sometimes it means asking the parent being investigated to leave the home while the investigation is under way. It could also mean placement of the child in foster care, even if just temporarily.

With children old enough to testify, (generally 4 and up), CPS may be trying to manipulate the situation to their advantage. Sometimes, they are trying to assure that they have access to the child but the parent does not. Sometimes they don’t want the parent talking to the child about the allegations. In other instances, CPS workers may use the forced separation to get the parent to comply with their wishes.

How do I Get my Child Home?

Of course, the answer to this question is going to vary from family to family, from case to case and from situation to situation. That is why you need an experienced CPS defense attorney. Forced separation can be very difficult for both parent and child. If you find yourself separated from your family or your child, it is likely that you are the focus of a CPS, and possibly a criminal, investigation. You need to be working closely with a defense attorney who understands Child Protective Proceedings, criminal law and family law. Cronkright law attorneys offer expert defense to clients in and out of court.

How will I Know if I Need an Attorney?

If CPS is in your life, you should at least pursue an initial consult. We screen cases regularly in order to answer this basic question: “Should I lawyer up?” There are some red flags that suggest the need for an attorney:

  • When CPS asks you to agree to have your child out of the home during an investigation
  • When CPS is being aggressive with you
  • When you have some history with CPS and they are back again
  • When you have had past court cases brought by CPS
  • When CPS shows up with a police officer or Sheriff deputy
  • When CPS shows up at the hospital after an injury or an emergency room visit
  • When CPS asks you to sign a release of information form
  • When CPS asks you to agree to a drug or alcohol screen
  • When CPS interviews your children at school without your permission

There are no hard and fast rules to when parents should retain counsel. However, it is prudent when CPS is in your life to get some input from an attorney.

The Cronkright Law Approach

Our approach is to work with you and not just for you. We will listen carefully to your concerns and help you identify your goals and set your strategies in place. We will bring our extensive experience and knowledge of the law into the relationship and you will bring your extensive knowledge of your family and of the facts regarding the allegations. Together, we will roll our sleeves up and work to get your children home. That Is what our attorneys have been doing successfully for over 20 years. Contact us now for a free consultation.

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