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Genesee County CPS Defense Lawyer

The Genesee County CPS lawyers at Cronkright Law represent clients facing child abuse and neglect charges. Criminal Child Abuse charges are always serious and, in some instances, convictions carry a maximum penalty of life in prison. Anyone accused of this crime needs the assistance of an experienced Genesee County child abuse defense attorney. At Cronkright Law, our Genesee County child abuse attorneys have been defending parents and other caretakers for many years. Every case is unique and therefore your case is like no other. You need an attorney who can help you examine the facts and assess the legal theories of the prosecution, no matter how complex they may be. To start your free initial assessment, contact a Genesee County CPS defense attorney at (517) 881-4643.

Genesee County Child Abuse Lawyer

Parents accused of neglecting their children in Michigan would be wise to seek the assistance of an experienced Genesee County child abbuse attorney. In general, child neglect is failing to care for the need of a child. Common neglect allegations include failing to properly feed a child, failing to seek proper medical attention or provide necessary medical care, failing to properly educate the child, failing to properly supervise the child, and failing to properly defend the child from harm caused by someone else. Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, through the Children’s Protective Services division is charged by law with investigating reports of child neglect and child abuse. These reports most often come from police, school employees, medical professionals, neighbors and family members. At Cronkright Law, the Genesee County child neglect attorneys focus on keeping families together, preserving parental rights, helping parents with complex and difficult cases and getting the government out of your home.

The Genesee CPS lawyers represent clients in a variety of child abuse and neglect charges involving:

  • Child Abandonment
  • Child Abuse 1st Degree
  • Child Abuse 2nd Degree
  • Child Abuse 3rd Degree
  • Child Abuse 4th Degree
  • Child Neglect Charges
  • Child Exploitation
  • CPS Home Visits
  • CPS Investigation
  • Medical Neglect and Abuse
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome
  • Termination of Parental Rights

Genesee County Child Neglect Lawyer

Throughout Michigan, CPS investigators go into homes, interview children in private, insist that parents sign releases of information, and submit to drug testing. In response, parents usually have the same question: What are my rights? As Genesee County CPS defense lawyers, Cronkright Law spends a lot of time helping parents with the answer to this question. One of those rights is going to affect the outcome of a CPS investigation into your home more than any other; the Right to an Attorney. The Genesee County child neglect lawyers recommend that you exercise that right any time you have a CPS agent, employee or investigator looking into your home or talking to your kids.

If you need the services of an expert Genesee County CPS defense attorney, Cronkright Law offers free consultations by phone or through the contact us form on this site. The Genesee County child abuse attorneys can help you evaluate your case and determine the best course of action for you and your family.

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