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Memorial Day is About Being Thankful

May 27, 2018

Memorial Day-

This Memorial Day weekend, I am thinking about all the men and women who gave of themselves so that we might have freedom. And on this day, we especially honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice: Their lives.  Words alone cannot convey our gratitude, but it is what we have to give. Thank you.

There is no other country on earth like the United States of America.  The brave men and women who gave their lives have made this nation possible.  The brave men and women of our military continue to make this nation possible.  Because of their sacrifices we are able to speak our minds even when others disagree.  We are able to work together for the common good—not because we are forced to, but because we want to.  We are able to worship as we choose.  And we are able to parent and raise our own children without needless and un-called for government or CPS meddling.  Which, as you might guess, doesn’t always happen.  That’s why I spend my working hours helping parents and families.

As a father and grandfather, I stand by the side of parents who want to raise their children in freedom.  I look at my own children and know that I did the best I could during their growing years.  Now I look at my grandchildren and understand that their parents are also doing the best they can.  It’s all any of us could do or ask for of any parent.  What a parent needs more than anything is encouragement and support.  I find it sad that Children’s Protective Services doesn’t always see it that way.  The result, all too often, is interference with the freedom to be a parent.

But I digress. This Memorial Day weekend we need to focus on being thankful for those who gave and are giving their lives to safeguard all of our freedoms.  Honoring each one for their sacrifice on our behalf.  Take a moment today to pause and reflect. Say thank you to someone in your life, either present or past, who spent time safeguarding your future.  And may God Bless America.